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    GBWeather  Provides various professional weather services ranging from the general public, weather enthusiasts and commercial weather for various industry sectors. We’re the leaders in providing high resolution weather imagery.

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There is a risk of severe thunderstorms affecting parts of Wales, central England, northern and northwestern parts of England, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Scotland late tonight…
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It is that time again, everyone is asking what this summer will bring. Us British are obsessed with the weather and most, not all, like…

7 Day weather forecast

Grab a 7 day weather forecast for any location in the United Kingdom. Our forecast system uses the highest resolution data making it very accurate. Give it a try today.

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The ECM also known as the ECMWF model is a European weather model that provides medium-range weather forecast data. Limited information is only available.

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Access our high resolution 10 minute weather radar. Overlay rainfall imagery, lightning strikes and precipitation type. Our radar runs at 500m resolution giving great accuracy.

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Why bother about the weather?

Weather  impacts everything – what we eat, drink and wear; our hobbies; where we go on holiday and how we get there and most importantly business. gbWeather pro can help you weather the storm!

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